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Lance coached my wife and I on getting our credit scores up. We had been in a lease purchase for 7 years by the time we found him, and he told us exactly what to pay down to get our scores up to finally purchase our home. We were basically paying rent to the owner as opposed to being ever able to buy, and Lance has a wealth of information and we are forever thankful. Eric and Lauri Moore -
All of my family members have used Lance, and we used him for our purchase and then refinance 5 years later. We would periodically call him and ask about interest rates and payments for years, and he always took the time and gave us the interest rate, breakdown of savings, and had a conversation with us as if we were great friends. He is funny, down to earth, and a great person to have in a confusing industry Mike and Karen McHughes -
We went through at least 4 other lenders that all told us that they couldn’t do our loan. One lender treated us so bad that we lost all hope. The selling agent told our realtor about the miracles that Lance could do, and he told us what we needed up front and we followed his direction and he did what others could not. He treated us like we were buying a million dollar home and gave us respect. Thank you sir. Dale and Tracy Harmon -
We would, and have, highly recommended Lance Obermeyer with USA Mortgage to everyone buying a home. Lance gave me the options that I was looking for in a lender, and he showed me the best program. I appreciated the honesty Denina -
Lance was amazing. He stuck with us and checked on us every month as we were working on the list that he gave us to get our credit scores increased. It took us about 7 months to get our scores up and our score went up just over 100 points. We were able to get a lower interest rate as we were in the 600’s and were able to buy our first home in Illinois moving from Mississippi. Thank you, thank you again. Christine R -
Lance went above and beyond in my opinion. He was always available by phone, texting and even weekend texts. He answered all of my questions, picked up the phone and called if his answers were more detailed than texting, and got me to the finish line with purchasing my first house. Petar M -
I purchased my home with the help of Lance, and he walked me through building up my credit score and gave me a chance when other lenders in the area either didn’t call me back or treated me horribly. Lance sat down, took the time, and told me that if we worked together then I would be in a house in less than 60 days. He was honest and helped me get my home. Dennis S. -

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If you're like most people, purchasing a home is probably one of the biggest investments you'll ever make in your lifetime. If you're considering buying a home, you're likely aware of the complexity of the endeavor. 

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